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How Do We Help?

1. Get in Touch

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Are you going for interviews and need help with deciding what you should wear, or some extra confidence building for your interview?


1st Impressions is here to help! We have trained coaches who can help you prepare for your interview and stylists who can match you with your perfect outfit to give you confidence that you will be the best that you can be at interview.

2. Tell us what you need



We will contact you within 24 hours and find out a little more about you, we will also ask when you can meet with us.

We would like to know what clothes styles you like, favourite colours, plus shoes and clothes size. If you need some help in preparing for your interview, we will also start to match you with one of our fantastic interview coaches.

3. Meet in our boutique

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We have created a lovely inspiring space in our boutique where you can browse our amazing selection of clothes and shoes. Together with one of our stylists you can try lots of outfits and see which make you feel your best!

P.S. We have a range of accessories to finish off your look

4. Head to your interview!



You're all set for your interview!

You have the skills and abilities.


You have the clothes to enable you to be confident!

Time to get your dream job!

I'd like to learn more

If you want help getting back into the job market, send us your details:

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Please provide further information if you want clothes

Help us select the right clothes and accessories for you by providing us with details of your size, height, etc.

We will then contact you to book an appointment

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