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The Day of Your Interview

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Well it’s probably come round sooner than you thought it would! It’s your chance to shine and make a great 1st impression. Remember, though, that this isn’t a life-defining moment. Think of it as an opportunity to present the best of yourself. It’s a time for an employer to get to know you and you to get know them. They’ll want to find out whether you’d fit well into their place of work.

Yes, of course, they’ll want to see you have the skills they need, but it’s more about whether you have the right attitude. It’s not just about your skills and talents; it’s also about whether your personality would work well with other workers. You need to prepare thoroughly so your appealing characteristics can shine and show the employer you’re the best candidate. Good preparation allows you to be fully present at the interview, focused on your audience and not distracted.

To prepare for day, think of a place when you feel most comfortable and relaxed. That’s when you’re at your true self, in this mood you will come across sincere. For the interview day, you need to be as close to this state as possible. Calm, relaxed and ready to shine. Of course, you’ll have some nerves, and that’s good; it shows you care and want the job. Employer’s want to know that you are serious about the opportunity.

To display the best that you can be needs planning so that you can concentrate on the interview itself and not distracted by other issues. That means all aspects of the interview day have been thought about and considered. Before the interview day think about the outfit you will be wearing. You need to be comfortable and confident in your clothes. Aim to have your outfit are laid out the night before. All clean, pressed and fresh, ready to help you shine and make a great 1st impression.

Plan your journey to the interview. It’s crucial that this aspect of the day is thought nothing worse than being late or arriving in a fluster. Know the journey time to the interview and add some time to relax on your arrival. Arrange transport, it could be a friend or family driving you, public transport, a gentle stroll or a steady cycle but nothing too strenuous. I’d recommend that a standby travel option is planned just in case, so you know what to do if plan A isn’t an option. Planning your journey destresses you and raises your self-confidence, knowing that you have things covered.

Plan to arrive for the interview at least 5 minutes before. Don’t forget to turn off your phone, not just silent – switch it off! Feel confident, you’ve done your homework. You have probably rehearsed the interview with a friend; you have your questions to ask; you have thought about answering the questions they are sure to ask and have prepared answers. Following these steps – you’re set to impress. Ready for the interview.

You now set to enter the building confidently to ask for for the person(s) who you will be meeting. Don’t underestimate the value of a smile. When the door opens, and the person first sees you, they will be smiling. Make sure you smile back. Keep smiling throughout the interview – not a cheesy grin but a genuine smile. Nobody what’s a glum colleague, people want to work with friendly people they can get along with.

Next we’ll discuss what to say and what not to say during the interview!

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